Edge Of Darkness Review

Mel Gibson as Thomas Craven

Mel Gibson returns to acting with Edge of Darkness, his first movie since Signs (2002). Gibson is Thomas Craven, a homicide detective who at the start of the film witnesses his daughter being shot and killed in front of him. Craven first believes it’s an attack against him, because he is a cop. But Craven, soon finds his daughter has many secrets. 

The movie starts with blood, gore and high energy but then it slows down into a more investigational type movie. Ray Winstone pops up in a key role in the film as a hitman type guy, who’s motives are uncertain up until the very end. Gibson investigates his daughter’s workplace and finds that people close to her, that are still alive, arent willing to give out information as their lives depend on it. A certain scene where Gibson talks to a woman in a car is worth the price for admission alone, as it has an interesting end to it. 

Gibson gives a very intense performance, much like he did in “Ransom” and “Patriot” and shows he still has what it takes to carry an action thriller like this. You only see Gibson with his daughter for bit at the start of the film, but the film uses flash backs to when she was younger, to better show his love for his child. This is a key element to any revenge flcik as it makes the actiona nd violence more meaningful. The bad guy role goes to Danny Huston, who expertly plays the slithering rich guy, who Gibson knows is guilty straight away, but has to prove it first before taking action (but failing that, kick his ass red). Winstone is also highly entertaining as the shady character, who strikes up a connection with Gibson instantly. Both actors play off each other very effectively.

The film moves at a slow pace for the first half and it kinda drags but the second half of the film is much more interesting and delivers some exciting moments. The finale, much like the start of the film works really well and is executed realistically and not in an over the top Taken or Death Sentence type manner, where realism and sensibility or replaced with mad action sequences.

RATING: 7/10


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