The Wolfman Review

The Wolfman

The classic horror character, “The Wolfman”, roars back into the movie world with this old fashioned but souped up remake. It is the story of a man  (Benicio Del Toro) who returns to his hometown after many years, where he sets out to investigate the death of his brother. His death was caused by a some sort of  violent creature and Del Toro soon finds himself  bitten by the creature and his life is turned upside down. A skilled detective sets out to take the wild beast in. Meanwhile Del Toro seeks to unravel some family secrets that have haunted him since his mothers death when he was young, while escaping the police. Del Toro’s father is played by Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt is the love interest.

Wolfman’s best scenes are it’s action scenes and the parts that are looking to scare the audience. These parts show off CGI and action that are tuly impressive. The movie lags a bit in when it actually has to make interesting characters, something it never really achieves. Del Toro is a great actor and he is solid here, but when he isnt in wolfman form, he has very little to work with. Likewise Hopkins has a very bland and boring role as the father who is so obviously a bad egg, but it takes ages for us to find out what hes up to. But a glimmer of hope comes when Hugo Weaving enters the film. Weaving like usual steals the show as the persistent but likeable detective, on wolfman’s heels.

The film mixes it’s elements of horror and action very effectively. Jurassic Park III director  Joe Johnston, delivers some truly jumpy scenes that grab your attention even while the plot drags itself along. Other than Weaving’s great performance, the CGI of the title character is the main reason for seeing this film. Certain scenes are flat out jaw dropping, like  the scene that has Del Toro strapped to a chair and then turning into the wolfman, problem is, he is in a room filled with a hundred or so people. That scene is pretty amazing and so is the roof top chase that follows it.

Wolfman has a superb look also that captures the feel of the old werewolf type films that has inspired this remake. The film’s main problem is that it doesn’t rely on CGI and action enough, a complaint that is rarely made these days. But if you want some big scares and CGI that truly impresses, even after seeing what Avatar had to offer, give Wolfman a go.

RATING: 7/10


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