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Movie critics be damned, I loved this film so, so much. It’s the true story of John Crowley(Brendan Fraser), a man searching for a cure for his sick children, who are very close to death (a disease named “Pompe”). Crowley finds Harrison Ford, an eccentric but very gifted scientist who has an idea for curing this disease, but hasnt been able to fund the prodcution of it. This is where Fraser and Ford work together to make this cure in time, to save Fraser’s kids and many others. Both lead actors have a very humourous and interesting relationship. The performances are superb and story is one of true inspriation. See this and forget what paid critics say.

RATING: 9/10


Half way through watching this film, I got that “special” feeling. A feeling that I was watching something pretty damn amazing. Jeff Bridges won best actor at the Oscars and it is wholly deserved. He plays an imperfect and troubled man, but one who we can route for one we can sympathize with. The music in the film is also one of the many driving forces that make this afilm you will be returning to many, many times.

RATING: 8.5/10


No better feeling that seeing a film thats truly amazing, when you had no expectations going in. It’s the story of a man called Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) who owes his soul to the devil. But who changes from being a source of evil, to fighting evil. The movie is cliched in places and it’s CGi isn’t state of the art, but this does everything else really well and even does it’s short comings with style. The movie had am interesting cast with Purefoy giving a really cool turn as the hero of the film. The movie in short, is a mix between “Braveheart” and “Lord of the Rings”, which can’t be a bad thing.

RATING: 8.5/10


Thnis movie is proof Steve Austin is a true star, because although the film is slow and full of cliches, his direct and honest charm makes it all much better. It’s the story of an ex con, who tries getting his life back in place, when getting out in parole, but soon gets in the middle of an underground fighting group. He does this to raise money in order save the life of a little girl who needs surgery. The film plods along with not much excitement (other than loads of average fight scenes) but Austin is a larger than life presence that saves this film.

RATING: 6/10


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I like music (anything that rocks and has a nice melody) and movies (I'm a movie nut).
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