My Top 5 Action Movies (Of all time)

Con Air 

 Nicolas Cage, John Malcovich and John Cusack star in the maybe the greatest movie ever made (that is a fact). Malcovich steals the show as “Sirius the Virus” and Cage is very entertaining with his southern twang and his good guy persona.  It’s just plain awesome.

Matrix Reloaded

It’s got two stunning action scenes that are to this day pretty unmatchable. You’ve got Keanu Reeves fighting over a hundred agent Smiths and the you have an insane car chase scene on a highway.

The Punisher

The grossly underated comic book actioner stars Thomas Jane as Frank Castle/The Punisher. The amazing cast are apart of some truly powerful and violent action scenes, especially Jane and John Travolta, who give impressive performances. Also the russian fight scene is epic on about every level I can imagine. Forget the critics and see it.



The fourth and best Rambo film is a gore fest at it’s finest. It creates a group of truly hateful bad guys. Then it lets Stallone loose to cut their heads off and any other limb in site. It also has Julie Benz, which makes worth seeing alone.

Bad Boys 2

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in probably the biggest, loudest and dumbest action comedy that has ever been made. This made the first movie look like a period drama in comparsion. Critics slated it as expected, but the film became a massive hit regardless. The best part of the movie has to be the highway car chase.


About Steven Mc Brearty

I like music (anything that rocks and has a nice melody) and movies (I'm a movie nut).
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