Kick Ass Movie Review

The first 20 minutes of this film left me comfortable in my seat. Meaning that I watched and I smiled, but the film didn’t have any promise to be one id remember a long time into the future. Boy was I proven wrong. The story centres around an average teenager who has a passion for superheroes, so much so that he becomes one called “Kick Ass”. He then catches the eye and teams up with crime fighting family superheroes “Big Daddy” (Nicolas Cage) and “Hit Girl” who to say the least, are very good at what they do, Kick Ass isnt.

When I was trying reccomend the film to epople, I found that the movie was hard to describe to people who didn’t know anything about the comics or to someone who hadn’t already seen the film. Its part comedy/slapstick  and part Kill Bill / Punisher. Which makes for a really fun film. The action scenes are just amazing. These scenes are filled with over the top gore, but they are massively impressive and rival most action movies released recently. The CGi in the film and the overall look of the film has that comic book spirit you just know they were searching for. The movie also gains a confidence and a momentum after a shaky start and becomes something very entertaining. I heard groans at the start of film by other movie goers, as though they werent enjoying the film but once the film picked up pace the while cinema was laughing.

The movie is called Kick Ass after the main character in the film but the film belongs to Big Daddy and Hit Girl. Nicolas Cage plays Big Daddy, a very wierd but funny role, as the Batman lookalike superhero, who has a very loving relationship with his daughter, but a relationship that has him training her (shes like 11 years of age) to handle guns, knives and to kill people. Christopher Mintz-Plasse however gets a very underwelming role as Red Mist. He is good in his role, but compared to his great performances in Superbad and Role Models, he doesnt get much to do in this. Lyndsy Fonseca is great in her Mary Jane Watson turned side ways role. She also is super hot, which makes my judgement suspect. Mark Strong expertly plays the bad guy of the film. He is the less tubby version of the Kingpin.

Overall Kick Ass is a winner because its unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It has a great range of very wierd, but lovably cool characters. Last thing I will say is that I know films like this arent usually oscar contenders, but I think Chloe Moretz should get some sort of an award for her role as Hit Girl. She won’t become a big star when she grows up, because she already is one now. 🙂

RATING: 9/10


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I like music (anything that rocks and has a nice melody) and movies (I'm a movie nut).
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