Predators Movie Review

How do you replace Arnold Schwarzenegger with someone equally as good or someone even better, well truth is you can’t. But Predators does gather a new group of well equiped tough guys (and girl) to take on the threat of the predators.

The story sees a group of the world’s deadliest killers thrown into an alien planet where they are being hunted and surveyed by several different species of predators. But soon these killers begin to fight back and take the on their hunters. The group is made of actors such as Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne.

After passing on Alien vs Predators and then being disappointed by it’s sequel, I held no great expectations for this version. But Predators gets a cast of good actors with classing personalities, it brings us back to a jungle setting and its ramps up the violence. All of which gives us very worthy sequel to classic original. The opening scene where our main characters are dropped from high above into the jungle, is a great way to start the film and then the film slowly but surely builds to reintroducing us to the classic Stan Winston monster creations, which still freak me out till this day.

The previous two predator spin offs suffered from a cast of bland actors and dull settings in Alien vs Predator and clichéd horror movie set up with no tension in Aliens vs Predator – Requiem. This version gives us entertaining if sometimes stereotypical cast members but memorable ones. My favourite character is Walton Goggins (from Tv’s Justified), who’s a crazy ex con that has some truly nutty dialogue. Also a surprisingly hot and kick ass role goes to Alice Braga, the only female in the group. She held her own amongst the team of testosterone filled tough guys.

Lead role (I think) is to Adrien Brody, a surprise cast choice but one that worked extremely well. Brody is the sort of action hero who seems to know more than everyone else, most of time because uses common sense. The classic predators themselves look great and their intros into the film are quite epic. The new predator species are also quite impressive such as the dog like things that create the first action scene of the film. The CGI and prosthetic work here is top-notch, admittedly like past predator films.

The only problem I had with the film was the camera work in certain action scenes. I found myself struggling to decipher what was happening. In the final scenes, the darkest of the setting didn’t serve the film well, unlike the original. Predators is a lot of fun from start to finish, reviving an almost broken franchise.

RATING:    3.5   /    5


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