Knight and Day Movie Review

Whats the difference between this film and a recent film called Killers that starred Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, as both have a plot about a would be couple being thrown into countless action scenes with a hint of humour mixed into the proceedings. Well the fact is Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are loved movie stars, Kutcher and Heigl are not.

Knight and Day starts with June Havens (Diaz) meeting a stranger named Roy Miller (Cruise) before her flight back to her sister’s wedding. Both share the same flight but soon only June and Roy are left alive on the plane when Roy kills all the passengers even the pilots who attack him. Roy explains that he’s trying to safeguard a special battery source that is very priceless and that anyone who is after him is either crooks or dirty authorial figures. June is told by the authorities that Roy is an ex agent gone rogue which leaves June confused to what is the truth.

Knight and Day is directed by James Mangold, who previously directed Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma. Both of which were amazing films, but none that contained high-octane CGI filled action scenes like in this film. But his direction of these scenes here must be commended, because the film is truly at its best when its two leads are on the run in cars, trains or even a motor cycle. We get two high-speed chases that rival anything that The A Team or Expendables could muster up. One scene has a group of raging bulls chasing after Diaz and Cruise on a motor bike through a busy spanish street. The CGI is first-rate in all of these scenes.

The chemistry between Diaz and Cruise is quite effective but they’re never given much time to each other without being chased by more bad guys (or good guys). Cruise works a zany mad man charm in the first thirty minutes when he’s trying to convince Diaz of his intentions. Diaz as usual looks super beautiful, but her role is not the typical screaming damsel in distress. She begins scared of the situation she’s in, but soon becomes attracted to Cruises lifestyle aswell him as a person. The plot itself is actually quite effective, as its played straight and is actually quite intriguing. The films only problem is that its hard to figure what tone it’s giving into. We start quite serious then we get some slapstick humour and then we have some very OTT action. But the film never gets too silly or light-hearted, which allows the audience to take the characters and story seriously. I just feel a more defintive tone would have made the film a little more solid.

Knight and Day is powered by two loveable leading stars and some surprisingly awesome action scenes. Also Cruise lays out a genius line with Leslie Nielson type seriousness, in a great scene set in a public cafe with a gun pointed at Diaz’s head he says – “Nobody follows us, or I kill myself then her”

RATING:    3.5  /   5


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