Twilight Eclipse Movie Review

The Twilight saga may be the biggest movie franchise going at the moment and that’s something that we all have to accept. Twilight is something you either love or hate and although I’m still not won over by it yet, I must admit the newest film is a welcomed improvement.

This film continues the plot of Bella Swan(Kristen Stewart), a human who has fallen in love with a vampire (Robert Pattinson), called Edward. She also who has feelings for a werewolf named Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and he to her. Alsoi in the mix is an evil vampire named Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) who wants revenge against Edward and is bringing a hoard of newly turned vampires to their peaceful town. Edward’s vampire family and Jacobs werewolf family must join together to take on this new threat.

Eclipse makes a lot of improvements to this series, all of which are much-needed changes. The film has a better sense of humour, by sometimes poking fun at itself. The CGI is greatly improved from the shoddy effects seen in the first two films. Theres also much more action in the film, showing us some pretty violent and cool werewolf versus vampire action. The film is much better in its second half, when it gets past the awful angst ridden performances that have made this franchise infamous. Acting wise the film is a mixed bag. Stewart is impressive despite some dull exchanges with lead co stars, showing that she has much more talent than a film like this needs. Pattinson is adequate with his very one note character, pretty much doing the same expressions and mood swings he did in previous films. But Taylor Lautner is very weak in a performance that is not worthy of a power rangers episode. The guy is just whiney and very unconvincing, but I suppose none of that matters in a role that requires him to be shirtless for 90% of the film.Twilight’s main problem isn’t its plot of a love between human and vampire, because the tv show Vampires Diaries showed that that can done effectively and seriously. Eclipse is sometimes overly dull and over written in certain lines of dialogue, but I guess this is more of a criticism of the books rather the film. We also have a set of villains here who are about as memorable as a weekly A Team villain.

Stewart keeps this franchise from being completely without substance and her performances elsewhere shows that she has a lot of talent. At the end of the day Twilight will make millions every time no matter how bad it is or how badly its reviewed.  But I will confess this Twilight film is much better than the early films in the saga and there actually a lot to enjoy here.

RATING:    3   /   5


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2 Responses to Twilight Eclipse Movie Review

  1. eurybe08 says:

    I’m not that impress on the 3rd movie but honestly it’s a lot better compared to newmoon.

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