The Town Movie Review

The first film directed by Ben Affleck after his “Gone Baby Gone” debut, is a very similar in look and atmosphere but  the lead characters in “The Town” are much less clean-cut.

The Town centres around a group of thiefs who rob a bank as the film starts and later find that a female employee of the bank has started to talk to the FBI about the theft. The brain’s of the group Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) gets close to this woman to find out if she has evidence that could put his team to jail. But Doug soon starts to fall for the girl and his desire to change his life and future becomes much stronger. Meanwhile the FBI is trying to take the group of thiefs down by any means necessary.

“The Town” is further proof that Affleck is an exceptional actor and even more exiting he’s a very gifted director. His work on this film might not surpass his work on “Gone Baby Gone”, but that’s only because it has a much more emotional and powerful subject matter. “The Town” is a film that has lots of violence and anger but it struck me as quite a humourous film is many occasions. Affleck and his crew are all quite unstable and imperfect individuals but they are also quite likable in a strange way. Affleck is very strong in the lead role, but relative newcomer Jon Hamm is the most enjoyable of all the characters as the fed who is hot on Affleck’s tail. Hamm is sort of the villain of the film even though he’s just doing his job. Jeremy Renner as Afflecks closest friend is also on top form. Renner is one of those tough but loyal sort of guys and my thoughts towards his character changed alot as the film went on.

The many heists that inhibit the film are highly entertaining and well shot. They all have a realistic and gritty feel that steers away from any Ocean Eleven slickness. The final heist at Fenway Park is a true stand out because of its gory finale. “The Town” hasn’t exactly got a highly original plot but its the execution that makes so good. The film juggles a believable love story, a set of robbery scenes and a set of authorial figures that are quite interesting.

The easiest way to sum up “The Town”, is by saying that every element of the film works terrifically. All characters are fully realised and each scene is acted with skill and believability. I for one cannot wait till Affleck’s next directorial film.



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1 Response to The Town Movie Review

  1. IrishFeangol says:

    So far my favorite movie of the year. Affleck is showing a real talent for Directing

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