M.I Week – Mission Impossible 3 (2006) Movie Review


The final Mission Impossible review of the M.I week and we reach the latest installment in the series and possibly the most underrated one of the trilogy.

Mission Impossible 3 starts with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) enjoying time with his soon to be wife (Michelle Monaghan) and he is then called on a mission where an apprentice of his gets killed. This leads Hunt on the trail of something called the “Rabbits Foot”, and on the tail of terrorist Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Hunt gets together with his team that includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maggie Q and Mission Impossible veteran Ving Rhames to help take down Davian. But they soon find out that Davian is a very dangerous and vengeful person that has alliances with supposedly trust worthy authority figures.

Mission Impossible 3 is by far the most well made of the 3 films, with its outlandish but weirdly believable action. The film even makes a skyscraper jumping believable which may be more a compliment to the great CGI work rather than a sensible heist idea, but then again that’s the sort of stuff we want from a MI film. We also get a more human Ethan Hunt while at the same time get an even more kick ass action Hunt than ever. The film also does away with the overly complicated plotlines that previously left audience members lost and confused. The cast is again impressive and on top form, with new additions like Laurence Fishburne, Simon Pegg and Maggie Q being very wise and inspired picks. But Philip Seymour Hoffman as the villain has to be the best choice of all. Hoffman is surprising underused but his performance and his scary character make an impression all the same. Cruise again is doing his very best as an older but still very courageous Ethan Hunt.

Mission Impossible 3 is less fun than its predecessors because of its heightened realism and that change has its benefits and its problems. The film has less of the always fun face changing twists and less use of the iconic mission impossible theme music. But the film has some truly amazing action scenes, the best of which would have to be the bridge attack. The film most certainly changes in ways that make it feel fresh and modern and that direction has breathed new life into the franchise.


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