Buried Movie Review


Buried will no doubt polarize audiences with its strict setting and its very dark look, but I most certainly am in the group of people who adore it.

Buried is the story of  a U.S. contractor called Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) who wakes up inside a coffin under the ground with only a mobile phone, a lighter and a torch. He attempts to contact anyone who can possibly help him before his phone battery dies. Conroy must deal with the fact that his oxygen is running out and his anxiety attacks. Conroy also has to deal with the person who put him in this situation aswell and his prospects of getting out get lower and lower.

Buried is definitely one of the best films of the year for sure and it thankfully ups the quality level for films to come. Believe it or not “Buried” is set in the one location for the entire hundred minute duration and it never gets tiresome in any way. We get to know this guy extensively throughout the film and as an audience member you can’t help but ponder on what you would do in such a situation. The film has a political theme going through it aswell because of Conroy’s profession in Iraq. The film has some strong things to say about how the US government deals with terrorists and kidnappings, but the heart of the film is the one man acting role of Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds is in retrospect the perfect actor for the film as he has the instant appeal and recognizability to make him a routable character. But it’s his capability as an actor to showcase elements of dark humour and heavy emotional scenes that impress most. Reynolds is the only actor on-screen for the entire film and he maintains the attention and intrigue of the film expertly. Although Reynolds is the only actor we see, we do have a dozen or so other actors that communicate with him on his mobile phone and the script is flawless.

Buried is a highly original and gutsy film idea that works perfectly and never loses its way from start to finish. Ryan Reynolds gives his best performance to date in a challenging lead role. The film will push your emotions around till the very last scene, that serves as a very effective conclusion to a great film.



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