Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

The horror sequel curse means that the sequels are mostly uninspired and unenjoyable train wrecks that tarnish the beauty of the original. Paranormal Activity 2 however steers clear of that curse, by sticking closely to what made the original so good and this familiarity is also its downfall.

A family believes their house has been broken into, so they install numerous security cameras all around the house. They soon experience weird situations involving moving objects, their child and dog. When things get really bizarre, the families storied past begins to loom large.

Straight of the bat I’ll say Paranormal Activity 2 is not as good as it’s predecessor. This sequel is still a damn good continuation of the story and to say anymore about the story would only wreck it for people who havent seen it. Paranormal Activity 2 has a nifty idea for filming each of the film’s eery scenes, by introducing security cameras into the film’s plot. We still have some shaky camera shots like in the original, but there are more still shots which will no doubt please the anti shaky cam people. I for one believe that the shaky cam when used right can be a very effective tool for making an effective film. It works wonders for horror film like this and did for the mostly solid “The Last Exorcism” not so long ago. The first person shaky camera takes the audience straight into the centre of the danger and fear and it works so well here. Paranormal Activity 2 is a slow starter like the original, but when it gets going it never slows its pace.

The problem with this Paranormal Activity lies in that most people have seen the original, which means there not virgins to all the tricks and turns that the film is going to throw at them. We all know the door is most likely going to move at some point. The film does deliver at times, but most scenes seem less thrilling because they’ve all been done before to some extent. There is a decent amount of real scary moments that the audience is dying for, and they arrive in the film’s second half. The plot also has an interesting intertwine to the original which I wont spoil. Paranormal Activity 2 hasn’t got interesting main characters like the first film had. Instead it has an innocent but ultimately bland US family in the spotlight, with no real main character.

PA 2 is a worthy and very enjoyable sequel that keeps all the best elements of the first film. It only suffers by being too similar in certain places to it’s fresher original.



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