Jackass 3D Movie Review

Reviewing a Jackass film is not an easy task because most of the negatives that people throw at it, are many of the reasons why others like it. But I’ll confess from the get go, that I have been a fan of the series and the films since it debuted back in 2000. The third film is essentially the exact same film as the previous two film, with a mix of pranks, insane stunts and over the top big budget cinematic set pieces. The only real difference is that this Jackass film is in 3D.

The entire gang is back in this installment and they are all in good spirits if slightly aged since the last time we seen them. Jackass may not be the household name it once was but that didn’t stop this from getting to the number one spot in the US. The best parts of this Jackass is the stunt type scenes or the consuming of some non consumable things. The material here is all quite familiar but at the same time, its really entertaining. The audience in my screening where laughing out loud and for good reason. The most disturbing of all the scenes is the sweat cocktail where Steve-O must drink a glass of sweat. That scene is horrible but somehow that’s what we Jackass fans are seeking. These crazy stunts are on that fine line between completely stupid to strangely inventive.

The 3D here was to my surprise highly impresssive with a couple of insane parts where objects (I’ll not spoil what exactly these objects are) fly out from the screen and they actually look like they’re about to hit you. It’s a sad day when Jackass’s 3D is superior than countless other mega CGI films that promise so much. Jackass 3D is a fun and solid addition to the Jackass trilogy that ticks all the boxes that a Jackass film should tick.




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