Deja Vu (2006) Movie Review

Time travel is an exciting movie device that always grabs my attention, because of its endless possibilities. Deja Vu mixes science fiction, action and dramatic tension to make a highly enjoyable action flick.

A terrorist attack occurs in New Orleans when a ferry explosion kills hundreds of people. ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) investigates the attack and is introduced to new a technology that allows him to see into the past before the attack had taken place. He soon finds out that this technology can allow him to travel back in time, to possibly stop the attack from ever happening. Doug looks into the murder of a women (Paula Patton) the day of the explosion that possibly will lead to finding the terrorist who killed all the people on the ferry.

As I alluded to in the opening, Deja Vu crosses many different genres and it somehow blends them all together to make an extremely fun film. The time travel aspect of the film interestingly tackled, because it explains the idea and process of it very meticulously, even if it’s all fiction. The action in the film is big, slick and full of slow motion, none of which are bad things. The plot is an exciting one, mainly because there’s so much at stake for Washington and co, as they’re trying to save this girl and in turn save the people on the ferry. Washington plays the smart detective but technologically unaware character very well. He asks the difficult questions that the audience wants asked.

Paula Patton is beautiful and instantly someone Washington and the audience care for. Her connection with Washington is based on not meeting him until the final half hour of the film. Washington is looking at her and getting to know her through a window to the past, which is bizarrely effective. Val Kilmer does a nice job as the guy in charge who is holding information from Carlin but against his better judgement.

Deja Vu’s plot is attacked realistically, even when on paper it’s really far-fetched. The idea that these guys can solve a crime by looking at a window into the past, is a unique and cool idea. If you haven’t seen Deja vu, you should. If you haven’t seen Deja vu, you should.



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