Skyline Movie Review

I look out the window and I see something coming from the skyline. Is it a bird, a plane or is it actually superman for a change, no its a really dull movie. But it’s not as bad as most professional or paid critics say it is, but it’s still one of the lamest films of the year. Aliens invade the world and we follow a group of wealthy Los Angeles residents, that are trying to survive the invasion.

To put it straight, Skyline is just plain bland and unexciting. It hasn’t a single interesting or even briefly memorable character. The actors that star in this film are mostly unknowns and im sure after this display they will remain unknown. The acting is not entirely woeful, but at times its laughable. The only two recognizable actors are David Zayas (from Dexter) and Donald Faison (Scrubs) and they do adequate work here, considering the bad material.

The pace of the film is a big fat mess. The alien invasion occurs within the first 30 seconds of the film, which arguably is a thought out directorial decision. But when you see the 90 minutes that is to follow, you realise that no, it’s really just bad pacing. You are subjected to stupid dialogue and remarkably boring characters, these are so bad that the alien attacks are welcomed because they means these boring people will die.

The CGI here is actually pretty impressive and these effects elevate this film above the gutter. We see sweeping shots of a burning L.A, hundreds of people being sucked into a spaceship and massive alien insects. The action sequences are quite cool here, with a pretty epic jet attack on an alien mothership. The special effects were obviously what the film was advertised with and they seem to be the only thing that time was invested in.

Skyline was met poorly by critics and I see the reasons for much of that cold reception. The film hasn’t a single genuine piece of dialogue throughout it, but it does have some state of the art CGI. Who needs good story telling or character development anyway.



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I like music (anything that rocks and has a nice melody) and movies (I'm a movie nut).
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