Die Hard (1988) Movie Review

The action movie that made Brice Willis an action movie icon. It has become an action movie classic, mainly because of it’s harsh violence and relenrless action. But along with Willis’s great humour and screen presence, the film is sure to stay a classic for a very long time.

John  McClane is New York city cop and he must save his wife and many other people who have been taken hostage in a skyscraper by terrorists. Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is the leader of this group of terrorists and he soon finds out that John McClane is a worthy advasary.

Die Hard was simplistic in story and execution but it delivered everything with such freshness and class. The film is set primarily in one skyscraper, but this location allows for so many great scenes.  We get action scenes in various different places such as elevator shafts, roof top chases and office shoot outs. Willis would seem to have a typical action movie role on paper, but his acting chops and the film’s great script rise above all the stereotypes. He gets to deliver some great wise cracking lines, many of which are still quotable today, such as the always brilliant “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker”.

Alan Rickman is another great cast choice. Rickman has that slimy persona that lends greatly to a movie villain. His repertoire with Willis is pure gold, especiallycin their final scene. The action is top-notch and every piece of casting is perfect. Die Hard also spawned three very solid sequels, each adding something different to the overall series but always keeping the core appeal of the original film. Die Hard holds up very well to this day and nowadays its hard to find an action film half as good as it.



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    love this movie one of his best movies

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