Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) Movie Review

The third installment of the popular police comedy series and the one that was the least well received. But I found much to enjoy in Eddie Murphy’s last outing as Axel Foley.

Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) goes after a bad guy who has murdered his boss and the investigation leads him to a theme park. Axel meets with his old friend Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and they both go after the killer, only to find out that he’s supposedly a well-respected civilian.

I loved all three of the Beverly Hills Cop movies, but I’ve seen the third instalment the most, mainly because it’s always on TV. The third instalment definitely leans more into the comedy side of things but unlike a lot of people, I found a lot to good laughs throughout. Also the decrease in action was welcomed because it’s the comedy that makes these films so memorable. The theme park setting seems like a weird choice for a police action/comedy but it results in a some decent action scenes and good laughs.

Murphy is on fine form again and his comic timing is right on target, unlike some of his more recent films. Timothy Carhart as the villain of the film is really good. He does the untouchable, rich guy routine perfectly. Murphy and Reinhold work great together as usual and there’s a nice cameo by Bronson Pinchot as Serge who had a small part in the first film. This film may seem less edgy and raw than its predecessors but the vintage foul mouth language of Murphy is still alive and well.

Beverly Hills Cops 3 has its problems but most of these come from being compared to the previous two films which were classics. I stand by my thoughts and say that this is a worthy sequel to the earlier Beverly Hills Cop movies.



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