And Soon the Darkness – Movie Review

Theres many feelings that a bad film can leave you with. Some leave you frustrated because of silly plot twists, others leave you brutally disappointed and many like And Soon the Darkness, leave you bored beyond belief. Boredom, is the biggest crime that a film can inflict on an audience.

Stephanie (Amber Heard) and Ellie (Odette Yustman) are two american girls that cycle through a quiet village in Argentia and stop for the night. The next day, Ellie goes missing and Stephanie goes searching for her. She begins to realise that nobody  in the village wants to talk, many seem too afraid to even open their mouths. The only person that makes any contact with her is Michael (Karl Urban) and even he has some dark secrets.

And Soon the Darkness is to its credit, a good-looking film. It has two beautiful leads (that rarely wear much clothing) and the location scenery is stunning too. But the film is extremely dull for the most part. It only kicks into gear in the last half hour and even these scenes are predictable. The problem lies in the fact that we know that one of these girls is going get kidnapped and there’s such an overly long lead up to that scene. When the villain of the film is revealed it comes as no surprise at all. Theres no clever. twists or surprising developments.

On the bright side, the film is relatively well acted and Amber Heard shows signs of being a likeable lead. But the pacing and plot developments are so unexciting that you’ll never experience an inch of suspense. The finale is a prime example of how uninteresting the whole affair is.



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