Showtime (2002) – Movie Review

Possibly the last good film Eddie Murphy has starred in (excluding the Shrek films). Lately Eddie Murphy has been making kid friendly movies that range from average to just plain awful. Showtime may not have Eddie’s full talent on show, but at times it’s a really entertaining action comedy.

A reality Tv show is being made and two lead stars are needed. The reality show is following the day-to-day activities of police men. The two cops chosen for the roles are Mitch Preston (Robert De Niro) and Trey Sellars (Eddie Murphy). Mitch is the serious by the book detective and Trey is the cop who wants to be an actor. Both men don’t see eye to eye, but they must get past their differences to take down a dangerous arms dealer.

Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro working together in their prime would have been something special. But both of those guys on average form is not bad either and thats what we have here. Showtime is a fun film and except for a pondering first half hour its a well done buddy cop movie. The plot is somewhat interesting initially, because the film is making fun of cop movie clichés. But the last act of the film ends up becoming one of those clichés, so its kinda pointless. The action in the film is really solid and the buddy cop relationship between De Niro and Murphy is sometimes hilarious.

Eddie Murphy in his Beverly Hills Cop days would have made a lot more of the role of Trey Parker, but then again a better script would have been helped to. The film is never dull but it is too safe. This film would have benefited from an R rating and some more edgy comedy, something that made older Murphy films the classics they are today.



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