The Next Three Days – Movie Review

Theres moments in “The Next Three Days”, that are filled with excitement, heart and genuine intrigue. The film takes the audience on a thrill ride with seemingl outlandish plot that works because of powerful directing and a top-notch cast.

John Brennan (Russell Crowe) sees his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) put to jail for murder. She pleads with John that she didn’t commit the murder, but none of the motions to get her out lead to any success. John fears for her life and plans to break her out of prison by any means necessary.

The Next Three Days is a superbly crafted action thriller, that is paced perfectly. Crowe’s performance as John Brennan is brilliant but it’s the smart script here that makes his character believable, something the film needed to get right. The idea that an everyman would attempt a prison break to free his wife is an interesting idea, but one that needs to be delivered with skill and Paul Haggis does just that and makes something truly exciting.

What The Next Three Days does refreshingly well, is to not rush the plot into submission. As I said the plot is tackled with skill, meaning when Crowe goes about planning this prison break, it’s not rushed into. Haggis shows us the preparations and challenges that Crowe’s character faces. The final twenty minutes are a relentless Fugitive type chase that delivers some strong action sequences and the answer to whether Elizabeth Banks is actually the murderer is revealed at just the right time.

Liam Neeson also proves his star power here, by superbly delivering a little scene with Russell Crowe that only lasts five minutes. Like that scene, the rest of the film is highly entertaining and it serves as a great start to the new year.



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