127 Hours – Movie Review

A hundred and twenty-seven hours with his arm stuck under a boulder. The film is based on the true story of Aron Ralston (played by Spiderman’s James Franco) who went through a life changing experience that is thoroughly inspiring.

127 Hours is nominated for six Oscars and I think it deserves the attention, mainly because the film is strikingly unique (well except if you’ve seen Buried). It starts with a flashy music montage and it increases the momentum until we get to the part where Ralston gets stuck. Buried was a very slow and very dark film that never strayed from the small area our hero was stuck in. However 127 Hours uses lots of flashbacks and unique camera angles in order to keep things fresh and it works brilliantly.

I don’t know much about the true story or what sort of person Ralston is, but Franco plays him as a self obsessed fitness nut. He’s the sort of guy who can be surrounded by two beautiful girls and be more interested in where he wants to travel to next. As the film goes on, his character changes and he begins to reminisce and becomes somewhat guilt stricken. Theres a definite change in his attitude. He changes his outlook and begins to realise that he’s not treated people close him the way he should have. Franco is a zany and very interesting person to be stuck with in this film and he makes for very unpredictable lead. By the time we get to the “scene” in the film, the “scene” that most people kinda know is coming, you will have greatly invested in Franco and pray that he gets out alive.

127 Hours looks stunning, with its breath-taking scenery and still looks stunning even when the plot goes into stuck under a rock mode. The finale is inspiring and applause worthy, which is expected considering the film is about such a harrowing human experience.



About Steven Mc Brearty

I like music (anything that rocks and has a nice melody) and movies (I'm a movie nut).
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