The Mechanic – Movie Review

Jason Statham is arguably the most consistent action movie star of the present day. Guys like The Rock and Vin Diesel have dabbled in kids movies to broaden their appeal. Except for Gnomeo and Juliet, Statham has been churning out some great and not so great action flicks. The Mechanic is no Transporter, but it’s a solid straight to the point action fest.

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a highly trained hitman who must train a new protegé called Steve (Ben Foster). It just so happens that Arthur killed Steve’s father recently. The two men must track down and kill several different targets, with the secret that Arthur is Steve’s dad’s killer lying in the background.

The Mechanic has many traits not dissimilar to several straight to DVD action flicks. But it does boast a fine cast that includes Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland and Last House On the Left’s always reliable Tony Goldwyn. They lift the film above its average standing. But the film does suffer from other problems too.

Foster and Statham have little or no chemistry together. Their predicament and connections should spark some tension or excitement but they rarely do. Statham delivers adequately, but its a rather dull performance and his charm doesn’t really shine through. But the action in the film does deliver. A skyscraper escape is the best part of the film and when the film ditches the boring attempts at character development it work in the film’s favour.

The Mechanic has an intriguing set up, but the film has no real emotional punch or any real interest in creating any tension or interesting character conflict. It just throws a couple of above average action scenes at the screen and in the end that just does the job.



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