Hanna – Movie Review

Hanna is directed by Joe Wright (director of Pride & Prejudice and The Soloist), and his strange direction pulls this movie into rather daft territory.

Hanna is raised by her father in a wild and remote area where she learns to fend for herself. She is taught a whole range of things such as languages and basic knowledge of the world. When Hanna is ready, she’s sent by her father on a mission to kill an evil woman who has done rather terrible things to Hanna and her family in the past.

Hanna begins with a beautifully shot and intriguing look at Hanna’s up bringing. This part of the film is really impressive but soon after the movie begins to lose its way. Hanna treks across a barren land in search for the film’s villain Marissa (Cate Blanchett). On this journey she meets an english family who drag the pace of the film down greatly. They’re stereotypical and rather irritating characters who add nothing to the film.

Saoirse Ronan is undoubtably impressive here, pulling of a rather complicated character. On this evidence and her work in Lovely Bones, Ronan’s acting capabilities are tremendous. Eric Bana hasn’t a lot to do in his role but he does a solid job with what he’s given. Cate Blanchett has a strange role as the creepy intelligence agent who wants to kill Hanna. Blanchett is quite chilling and serves as a memorable villain.

Hanna is a disappointing movie that promises so much as it begins but then backs out shortly after and delivers a very off beat and quite boring chase movie with plot turns that will make you groan.



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