Repo Men Movie Review

I judge how much I like a film by the amount of times I’m genuinely interested and engaged by it, Repo Men starts of great, then gets very lost in the middle and revives itself near the end, leaving me unsure by how I felt about it.

Its a film about a group of men called repo men, tough guys who kill and take back artificial organs from people who are refusing/unable to pay for the use of these organs. These repo men consist of Remy (Jude Law), Jake (Forest Whitaker) and boss Frank (Liev Schreiber). Remy (Jude Law) is asked by his wife to get out this dangerous occupation and to reside to a desk job, an idea he welcomes. But as he pulls off his last job Remy gets into a serious accident. He is left injured and needing a new heart, one that will demand payment to the repo men. Then when Remy falls behind payments, the men he worked for start coming after him.

The plot seems quite simple at first but the film quickly turns into a bundling mess half way through, introducing a bunch of weird and confusing characters that do little to better what started off as a very solid film. The first fifty minutes of the film is darkly funny and creates an extremely cool looking future world that is intriguing. We also get a number of great performances from Law and Whitaker. But the film begins to take itself too seriously, going on plot tangents that slow the film’s momentum down. We also get a rather pointless cameo from John Leguizamo, who is normally a film’s saving grace.

The film does tighten near the end and delivers some rather daft but cool action sequences. The only problem with these scenes is, that they seem out-of-place in a film that was previously not very action orientated. The ending of the film is made me scratch my head too, as it was a rather interesting twist  but one that is not clearly delivered. Clarity is a gripe I had with many scenes in Repo Men. Jude Law is a great actor who gives his all even when the film’s plot goes places that don’t make a lot of sense.

The film does deliver a solid first half, decent action and a likeable cast but it suffers from an uneven second half. An other case of an interesting idea, but one that is not fully embraced.

RATING:   3    /   5


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1 Response to Repo Men Movie Review

  1. ianthecool says:

    You liked it more than me, but you’re definitely right about the actions scene’s being out of place. I didn’t even not John Leguizamo. Where was he?

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